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Allison Annette Foster

Former senior advisor for human resources for health, IntraHealth International

Allison Annette Foster is a senior advisor for health systems and health workforce at IntraHealth International. She brings 20 years of experience in health systems strengthening and extensive expertise working with global, regional, national, and local stakeholders to optimize the performance of the health workforce.  

Foster focuses on responsive systems that deliver people-centered care through collaboration between the health system and the communities it serves.  Foster works to develop the evidence base that links human resources for health (HRH) investments to improved service delivery, stronger health systems, and better health outcomes. Before joining IntraHealth, Foster served as the team lead for health workforce development and performance at University Research Corporation (URC), where she supported interventions to improve health workforce performance and productivity, increase satisfaction and retention, and empower team-based performance management and self-directed improvements. As regional advisor for the Americas with the World Health Organization/Pan American Health Organization, Foster worked for ten years advising ministries of health in Latin America and the Caribbean. Her experience spans the field from community health worker support and integration in the community system, to optimizing health worker performance at the facility, to supporting national HRH planning and policy-development in ministries of health. Foster has also worked with the United States Department of State and other government agencies through the Institute of International Education to strengthen governance systems in Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, India, Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Afghanistan.


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