Vital for "World Health Assembly"

5 Questions with WHO’s Jim Campbell

We talked with the director of the WHO’s Health Workforce Department during his visit to North Carolina’s global health belt.

Community Health Workers: Forgotten No More

A new global campaign is pushing for salaries, benefits, and formal employment for these crucial health workers.

Can the World's Expanding Health Sector Heal Our Economies?

The health sector will likely become the largest source of job creation worldwide for the next decade.

Sustainable Development in Global Health

Within the global health and development ecosystem, the health workforce is the keystone of sustainable development. Now is the time to make health workers a priority.

Ebola Changed Everything

The 68th World Health Assembly made it clear that Ebola has fundamentally changed the direction of global health discourse.

Youth Can Take the Lead in Health Governance and Accountability

Calling all young people: It's time to take the lead in global health. And don't forget to show your work along the way.

U.S. Leadership for the Health Workforce We Need Post-2015

When it comes to addressing the worldwide health workforce gaps that hinder our global progress, American leadership matters.