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Top 10 Global Health Issues to Watch in 2015

Mobile tech. Global health security. Cancer. We’ve got our eyes on 10 topics that will shape 2015 for many of us—especially the health workforce.

More Support Needed for Local Health Workers Responding to Ebola, Advocates Say

Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone shared a big problem even before Ebola struck: a severe health workforce shortage.

In Health Systems Strengthening, the Big Question Is Not What, but How

It shouldn’t be just one part of what we do in global health. It should be part of how we do everything.

IntraHealth and PSI Team Up to Focus on Health Workers

Impact magazine delves into stories of health workers around the world—and asks some big questions about their future.

In the Ongoing Ebola Crisis, Emergency Aid Is Not Enough

Whenever we provide aid, we must ask ourselves: How can we make a positive impact not only today, but for years to come?

Ten Key Trends that Are Shaping Today’s Global Health Outlook

When Christine Sow took the helm of the Global Health Council last year, she set out to pinpoint the global health community’s priorities.

Five Big Questions on the Future of Global Health

What's the biggest global health innovation happening right now? What changes will we see in the next five years? Pape Gaye and other global health leaders answer this and more.

For Children, Health Workers Are Key to Longer Lives

Parents of five-year-olds everywhere share many experiences. But access to high-quality child health services is not one of them.

This Labor Day, Let’s Hear It for Health Workers

Today is Labor Day for many countries around the world. And plenty of frontline health workers are at work despite the national holidays, laboring for our global health and well-being.

Five Key Steps to Making the Health Workforce a Post-MDG Priority

Let’s make sure our next set of global commitments is sustainable by putting health workers at the center.