Vital for "Policy & Advocacy"

3D-Printed Hands, 3-Cent Maxi Pads, and More at SwitchPoint 2015

Development without dialogue just doesn’t work. Day 2 of SwitchPoint was all about partnerships for lasting progress.

Digital Jedis, Social Entrepreneurs, and the Real Heroes of Global Health

Hundreds gathered today in North Carolina for SwitchPoint, all looking for forces to join, partnerships to forge, and good to do.

US and Senegalese Investments in Family Planning Are Paying Off

A new Guttmacher Institute report shows the impact of US investment in family planning around the world. In Senegal, the benefits are clear.

World Health Worker Week 2015: A Catalyst for Further Advocacy

Last week we paused to honor frontline health workers everywhere.

Health Workforce Shortage Weakens AIDS Response

Africa needs over a million more health workers for HIV care.

5 Women Who Make It Happen for Global Health

Whether it’s online or on the ground, out of sight or in the international spotlight, these women are blazing new and better trails for global health and development.

The Vaccine Talk: A Crucial Moment for Parents, Children, and Health Workers

When it comes to talking to clients about vaccinations, clear communication is essential for health workers. And so is training.

A Bold Strategy and Clear Vision to Improve the Global Health Workforce

Will the WHO's new strategy call for greater investment in frontline health workers around the world?

USAID Tackles Respectful Maternity Care, Better Working Conditions for Midwives

Every year, 289,000 women die from complications during childbirth. USAID wants to change that.