Vital for "Policy & Advocacy"

Once an At-Risk Youth, Thembi Becomes a Child & Youth Care Worker

When parents die, children are often left with no financial support—or even proper identification. Who helps them then?

Let's Not Be Squeamish About Family Planning's Fiscal Benefits

Contraception makes health sense and financial sense. Now is the time to make sure countries are ready to take advantage of it.

Social Service Workforce Week Celebrates Community-Level Workers

Community health workers can have a tremendous impact on health and wellbeing, particularly for the most vulnerable among us.

Respectful Maternity Care is Everyone’s Responsibility

How can we protect women from abuse during in maternity care? Health sectors can start by doing these seven things.

Courage to Change Child and Youth Lives

South Africa's Safe Parks model is catching on, and so are the health workers who give vulnerable young people a safe place to play, talk, and be.

How To Ensure Global Health Security? Frontline Health Workers, Of Course

At the heart of global heath security lie three pretty simple notions.

Six Reasons Ministries of Finance Should Invest in Health Workers

Last week's talks in Ethiopia resulted in a powerful new advocacy tool: the Addis Ababa Call to Action on financing the health workforce.

Ebola Changed Everything

The 68th World Health Assembly made it clear that Ebola has fundamentally changed the direction of global health discourse.