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Leading the Way Back Home: Nigerian Minister of State for Health, Dr. Muhammad Ali Pate

All eyes were on newly appointed Minister of State for Health as he presented his vision of health for Nigeria.

Creating Partnerships in Support of Health Workers in Uganda

I could begin every blog talking about the many countries, like Uganda, that find it challenging to build and maintain the kind of health workforce needed to deliver high-quality health services, particularly when faced with inadequate funding for human resources for health.

Health Workers’ Role in Health Service Integration

It’s vital to strengthen the existing health system as a whole. In integrating health services, these initiatives focus on the role of health workers.

A Midwife Crisis

“If we want to stop these women and babies dying, we need to invest in skilled care,” declared Flavia Bustreo, assistant director-general of family and community health at the World Health Organization. Bustreo’s declaration came on the heels of the release of the WHO’s State of the World’s Midwifery 2011: Delivering Health, Saving Lives.

South Sudan: “Transforming from Zero” the Nation, the Health System, the Health Workforce

Over the weekend, the world’s newest nation was born. South Sudan celebrated independence as Africa’s 54th nation state and the United Nations 193rd member.

How—and When—Do You Tell a Child She is HIV-positive?

Telling a child she is HIV-positive is difficult in many ways.

Last month, I was in Kigali, Rwanda, to give the keynote address at the 6 th International Conference for Exchange and...

The Key to Progress: Health Workforce Lessons from the Family Planning Movement

One of the great privileges of my life has been to know bold leaders in family planning and reproductive health.

Thoughts on Motivating Health Workers

Health workers must be retained, productive, and caring if the huge deficits in access to health workers are to be addressed.

iHRIS and eLearning: A New Direction for Capacity-Building

Kabelo Bitsang of the Botswana Ministry of Health, learned to maintain and customize the iHRIS software by studying online, working with developers around the world, and training in Ghana.

The Role of Effective Budget Management in a Fully Staffed Health Sector

Managing health workers involves managing a payroll, ensuring funds to pay everyone who is working, and supporting the recruitment of open positions.