Vital for "International Women's Day"

Let’s Bring Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Out of the Shadows in Mali

A first-of-its-kind training for health workers is sparking some uncommon—and sometimes heated—conversations in Bamako.

Six Steps on the Long Road to Gender Equality

What can we do to reduce discrimination and violence against women? And how can we make change last for generations to come? Madhuri Narayanan has some ideas.

In Tanzania, Health Workers Stand Up for Victims of Violence

After a traumatic injury during childbirth went untreated, Akinyi suffered months of spousal abuse. Then she met a nurse named Neema.

A Shout Out to 29 Amazing Zambian Women and 1 Man Caring for Their Community

I met an amazing group of people in Zambia: the Chishilano Home-Based Care Group at the Shelazi Centre. They are a group of about 30 volunteers, who care for people in their community living with HIV/AIDS.