Vital for "International Conference on Family Planning"

Letter to the Editor: From Recife to Addis Ababa

We can't make reproductive health services fully accessible without taking on the global health workforce crisis, says Pape Gaye in a new letter featured in Addis Fortune.

Future Planning for Healthy, Productive Lives

Thanks to an unusual collaboration, some young beat makers inspired us to call it what it is: not family planning, but future planning.

For Young People, Is Family Planning a Misnomer?

By calling what we do family planning, we may be ignoring the fact that many young people aren’t trying to plan families—they’re trying to plan futures.

On the Rocky Road to Universal Health Coverage

This November, the global health community’s eyes should be on two major gatherings in Brazil and Ethiopia.

Family Planning: It Takes a Health Worker—and Saves Money and Lives

We need to invest more, globally, to ensure that health workers are there to expand access and offer services.

Accelerating Family Planning Momentum: What I Am Hearing from Leadership

Earlier this month, during the Dakar International Family Planning Conference, the President of Senegal, Mr. Abdoulaye Wade, took a bold and unprecedented stance in his address in the opening ceremony of the conference saying, “Senegalese families should limit the number of children to better battle poverty.”

Family Planning and Access to Health Workers

Amid the worldwide health worker shortage, some low-income countries are managing to show impressive levels of modern contraceptive use. How does access to skilled health workers affect family planning use, and what are some countries doing differently?

Family Planning: Be an Example

From politicians to community and international leaders, we should all be more engaged in helping couples make informed choices about family size.

Family Planning in West Africa: Courage and Conviction Can Make the Difference

As someone who has worked in this field for over 25 years, it is with mixed emotions that I prepare for the International Family Planning Conference in Dakar later this month.

Collective Effervescence at the International Family Planning Conference

As the final plenary session ended in Uganda last week, I felt a sense of excitement. Exhaustion, yes, but also this urge to stand up and shout…let’s do something, anything, to make the dream of ready access to family planning services world over a reality.