Vital for "Health in Conflict"

On the Front Lines: Supporting Health Workers that Deliver Lifesaving Vaccines

One of the greatest successes in global health in the past 25 years was delivered by frontline health workers.

A First Responder on the Front Lines of the Yemen Humanitarian Crisis

A health worker struggles to save her people—and to survive.

Health Care in Conflict: A Doctor's Perspective

Every year health workers are kidnapped, threatened, tortured, and killed. Dr. Dilshad Jaff has made health care in conflict the center of his work.

Beyond Belief: Health Care as a Weapon

There were 1,809 incidents of violence against health workers, clients, ambulances, and medical facilities in 2012 and 2013. Why? And how can we put a stop to them?

Brave Women on the Front Lines of Health Care Deserve Protection

“Let me treat my patients,” pleads a Syrian doctor whose hospital has been repeatedly attacked. This year on International Women’s Day, let’s pledge to #MakeItHappen.

Attacks on Health Workers Violate Everyone's Human Rights

On International Human Rights Day, support UN leadership to protect access to health care.

UN Security Council Open Debate on Children in Armed Conflict

UN members say attacks on schools and hospitals are war crimes.

A Multidimensional Approach to Safeguarding Health Workers

Trapped in Libya by intermittent fighting, nurses face threats to their physical, emotional, and even financial safety.

After a Lifetime on the Ground, a Day in the Clouds

We sat down with Fatimata Touré to find out what it’s like to be an International Woman of Courage, how the award will change her life, and whether reconciliation is possible in war-battered northern Mali.