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Conversation with a Nigerian Nurse

Meet Oluchukwu Ifele. She’s part of the growing, tight-knit community of health workers and technologists who have found that the right software can change everything.

New Software Application Tracks Health Workforce Training

iHRIS Train: it's free, it's customizable, and it's bringing us one step closer to universal health coverage, one record at a time.

At the Source of Health Care, Health Workers

We picked Malik Jaffer’s brain about health worker heroes and what it’ll take to make more of them.

Information Is Never More Powerful than When It’s Shared

Data and open-source software are helping to clear the path to universal health coverage.

No Health Care without Health Workers

As one of the six building blocks for health systems strengthening, the health workforce is best addressed systematically rather than with silver bullets.

Tackling the Global Burden of Disease, One Health Worker at a Time

We've come a long way over the past 40 years in preventing and treating infectious diseases.

An Employee Gone Bad: Why Strong Management Is Important

When a health facility does not run smoothly it can quickly become a place where bad things happen.

Expanding iHRIS to Support the Social Services Workforce

We are planning how to expand the iHRIS Suite to include the social services workforce. The social services workforce is critical.

iHRIS: Where Are We Now?

This blog entry was originally posted on the CapacityPlus website.

Global health workforce issues have only recently received focused attention in the field of international...