Vital for "Gender Equality"

Six Steps on the Long Road to Gender Equality

What can we do to reduce discrimination and violence against women? And how can we make change last for generations to come? Madhuri Narayanan has some ideas.

Let’s Bring Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Out of the Shadows in Mali

A first-of-its-kind training for health workers is sparking some uncommon—and sometimes heated—conversations in Bamako.

In Tanzania, Health Workers Stand Up for Victims of Violence

After a traumatic injury during childbirth went untreated, Akinyi suffered months of spousal abuse. Then she met a nurse named Neema.

Women on the Front Lines of Care: Seven Ways to Show We Care

How much do we really value women in the health workforce? And how can we make it a better place for them to work? Judith Winkler has some ideas.

Overcoming Gender Barriers: A Day in the Life of a Health Worker in the Supply Chain

Yesenia Aguirre de Barahona discusses the challenges of managing a medication warehouse in El Salvador.

Gender Equality: The New Business as Usual

The past four years have brought some exciting changes in the US government when it comes to progress in gender equality.

The Ongoing Fight for Safety, Equality, and Health

At IntraHealth, our work of empowering health workers around the world intersects with gender violence more often than you might think.

Gender-Based Violence in Maternity Care

Why, despite the risks of home birth and the benefits of institutional delivery, are most women in Ethiopia still giving birth at home?

The Power of Proverbs?

Violence against women is portrayed as normal and even desirable in sayings from around the world. Here are just a few.

National Conventions and International Issues: The DNC Provides Great Opportunity to Promote Global Health

Women’s reproductive health rights are a heated topic in the United States (US) this election year. I had the opportunity to attend an advocacy event focused on reproductive rights and access at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) last week.