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Health workers don't arrive at work as blank slates. They bring their own multidimensional personalities, beliefs, and biases.

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West Africa Finally Starting To Embrace Family Planning

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US and Senegalese Investments in Family Planning Are Paying Off

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Catching the Wave: Family Planning is Taking Off in West Africa

The modern contraceptive prevalence rate for all of sub-Saharan Africa is 23%. In West Africa, it’s 11%. But that's beginning to change.

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A review of Senegal’s National Action Plan for Family Planning reveals results the country can be proud of.

Top 10 Global Health Issues to Watch in 2015

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Family Planning Has Yet to Take Hold in West Africa—But Change Is Coming

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A Day in the Life of a Family Planning Health Worker

The clinic is packed when Mama Blandina teaches women and their families about the importance of family planning and spacing births.