Vital for "Ebola"

Invent Nothing, Adapt Everything

Health workers need clear, simple, reliable information on Ebola. That's where the new Ebola Resources for Health Workers comes in.

To Eradicate HIV by 2030, We Must Invest in Health Workers

Decades of HIV response have shown us that the solution to any global health emergency—including Ebola—lies with health workers.

Can the Global Fund Help Address New Health Challenges?

Richard Seifman explains why he thinks the Global Fund's role could be expanded to help fight Ebola.

Why Nigeria’s Response to Ebola Succeeded

Dr. Egbe Osifo-Dawodu shares how Nigeria's government, ministries, health workers, and religious leaders took immediate action and stopped the spread of Ebola.

Fear, Trust, and Attacks on Ebola Workers

To West Africans who are emerging from decades of brutal wars, health workers in hazmat suits can easily appear threatening. The resulting attacks put everyone at risk.

Social Service Workers Address Ebola’s Widespread Social Impacts

Stress. Fear. Loss. Ebola's effects on children, emergency responders—and entire societies—can be devastating.

IntraHealth and PSI Team Up to Focus on Health Workers

Impact magazine delves into stories of health workers around the world—and asks some big questions about their future.

In West Africa’s Ebola Crisis, a Mobile Phone-Based Hero for Health Workers

Liberian health officials can send accurate data and key messages to health workers on Ebola's front lines, thanks to mHero.

For Health Workers on Ebola's Front Lines, Stress Management is Crucial

Under pressure of long hours, short staffing, and the growth of a deadly disease, how can health workers stay safe and effective?

In the Ongoing Ebola Crisis, Emergency Aid Is Not Enough

Whenever we provide aid, we must ask ourselves: How can we make a positive impact not only today, but for years to come?