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Caktus Sponsoring and Speaking on Mobile Health at SwitchPoint 2013

SwitchPoint is a one-of-a-kind conference and a unique opportunity to learn, share ideas, and hear about global and mobile health efforts around the world.

ICTs in Maternal and Child Health Poised for Scale-Up in Uttar Pradesh, India

The health sector in India is rapidly harnessing the power of technologies to streamline and enhance the quality of its maternal and child health services.

Tackling the Global Burden of Disease, One Health Worker at a Time

We've come a long way over the past 40 years in preventing and treating infectious diseases.

An Employee Gone Bad: Why Strong Management Is Important

When a health facility does not run smoothly it can quickly become a place where bad things happen.

Mobile Apps to Support Community Health Workers: Adapting Trusted Content to New Mediums

Hesperian Health Guides staff describe how they adapted print-based health information sources to use on mobile technology.

Expanding iHRIS to Support the Social Services Workforce

We are planning how to expand the iHRIS Suite to include the social services workforce. The social services workforce is critical.

What’s the Best Way to Retain a Health Worker? Just Ask Her!

The world currently has a shortage of some 4 million health workers, amplified by a complete mismatch between where health workers are stationed and where they are most needed.

iHRIS: Where Are We Now?

This blog entry was originally posted on the CapacityPlus website.

Global health workforce issues have only recently received focused attention in the field of international...

Picturing Our Work: Who’s There?

IntraHealth's Dykki Settle was excited to show me his photos from his latest trip to Uganda to support the launch of the country’s HRHIS.