Vital for "Clinton Global Initiative"

New Partnership Will Bring Holistic Fistula Care to the Women of Mali

The chair of IntraHealth's board shares her plans for Mali’s fistula survivors—including greater health, dignity, and prosperity.

SwitchPoint: Global Good Ideas

In this era of the meme and the like and the retweet, I never tire of stories about people who have built something incredible out of nothing, especially when they have built it to help someone else.

A Sky-High Celebration: Opening Our Kenya Country Office

Last month, IntraHealth opened its new Kenya country office and celebrated the merger of two USAID-funded projects.

Our Commitment to the Kenyan Health Worker

Many health workers have a dream of offering high-quality services, but no way of doing their work well because they lack basic supplies or training.

Technology, Innovation, and Young People: the Future of Global Health

Innovation, technology, and young people have been at the forefront of my mind lately.

It started with my engagement with the many talented students last month at the Clinton Global...