Primary Health Care

We know the only way to achieve our vision of health care for everyone everywhere is to make primary health care available to all. And that means strong teams of frontline health workers ready to offer essential, lifesaving services around the world.

We use our long-standing local relationships and expertise in tackling health workforce and health systems challenges to help countries expand access to primary health care, especially those most in need. We work closely with ministries of health, community members, and our other partners to develop and support the best primary health care models for each local context.

Our key approaches include:

  • Building capacity at all levels for enhanced coordination and data-driven decision-making.
  • Ensuring government accountability and a policy environment that enables primary health care.
  • Helping develop and implement context-specific models to promote community mobilization and advocacy and to facilitate self-care.
  • Enhancing recruitment, retention, and performance of health workers at all levels.
  • Supporting development of a fit-for-purpose workforce.
  • Engaging in innovative, market-driven approaches that complement public-sector approaches and resources.
  • Supporting private-sector providers of primary health care.
  • Empowering policy-makers, health workers, and the people they serve through technology and tools for ongoing education and decision-making
  • Strengthening national data collection systems and measuring the impact of primary health care strategies.

Selected Achievements

Performed in-depth assessments of 14 hospital maternity wards and six primary care centers in the first significant assessment of hospitals in Tajikistan.
Launched a training program in Zambia to build the leadership skills of nurses who have the power to transform primary health care in the country.
Improved the health of mothers and babies throughout rural India through technology and training for community-based midwives and accredited social health activists.