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Strategies to Improve Infection Prevention and Control in Health Facilities

Read about IntraHealth International's high impact interventions to build and sustain capacity for infection prevention and control in supported health facilities in Rwanda. The Ingobyi project’s...

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Enhancing Provider Competencies through the Low-Dose, High-Frequency Training Approach

Capacity development using low-dose high-frequency principles is a critical approach used to provide Rwandan health workers with the required skills to deliver quality care to communities....

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Strengthening Health Provider Competencies through Clinical Mentorship

Read about how IntraHealth International builds health worker capacity through targeted on-site simulated trainings followed by clinical mentorship.

Training and clinical mentorship are...

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Strengthening Respect and Recognition for Health Workers: Strategies and Recommendations

This report explores why respect and recognition matter for the health workforce, as well as some promising strategies and recommendations for increasing both.

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Letter to the Biden Administration Urging Emergency Supplemental Funding for COVID-19 Response Globally

IntraHealth joins our partners in strongly urging the Biden Administration to swiftly request additional emergency supplemental funding to respond to COVID-19 globally.

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Gender Equality Overview

This document provides an overview of IntraHealth's gender strategy and gender-related tools and resources.

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HIV/AIDS Overview

IntraHealth International is committed to surpassing PEPFAR’s 95-95-95 goals and achieving an AIDS-free generation by 2030. This brief offers an overview of our current HIV/AIDS initiatives.

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COVID-19 Response Brief

Learn more about IntraHealth International's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Global Health Security Overview

IntraHealth International helps build resilient health systems that can prevent, detect, and respond to pandemic threats and natural disasters. And we do it by focusing on health workers. Here are...

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Health Workforce Overview

This brief offers an overview of IntraHealth's health workforce initiatives.

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