Senam Beheton

Founder and executive director, EtriLabs

Senam Beheton is the founder and executive director of EtriLabs, an organization that helps African social entrepreneurs, non-governmental organizations, businesses, and governments create or use innovative technology based solutions. He has over 20 years experience championing the cause of young people, first as an educator and later as a social entrepreneur. Senam has a unique gift for proposing common sense solutions to positively transform communities and individuals. He has a law degree from the Université du Benin (Togo), an MA in international development from American University and an MEd in instructional technology from the University of Maryland University College.


Youth Advocates Can Increase the Use of Modern Contraceptives, If We Listen to Them

If you want to harness the power of youth for family planning programs, you have to engage and listen to them.