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Sara Pacqué-Margolis

former Director of Monitoring and Evaluation, IntraHealth International

former Director of Monitoring and Evaluation, IntraHealth International


From Cairo to Dakar: Population Dynamics in Mali

Twenty years ago I arrived in Bamako, Mali, and discovered a capital city settling into relative calm following a military-led coup. My first images of Bamako were of cows, cars, and citizens grazing, grinding gears, and gridlocked on Bamako’s main artery through town—the Route de Koulikoro.

The Seven-Billionth Person: A Global Health Workforce Perspective

The global shortage of health workers means an estimated billion people with no access to essential health services according to a 2010 WHO report.

Community Health Workers: Meeting the Unmet Need for Family Planning in West and Central Africa

A recent New York Times article featured an updated United Nations forecast that projects the world’s population will reach 10.1 billion by the end of the century, rather than stabilizing at nine billion midcentury as previously predicted.

Asking Smart Questions: Where Are Health Workers within Service Integration?

I was struck by the extent to which the health worker as input or output in the evaluation of service integration models is conceptually absent.

Preventing AIDS Deaths Need Not Be a Fight: A Health Systems Approach

Whatever the disease or health sector of priority—be it HIV/AIDS, malaria, family planning, labor and delivery, or pneumonia—six components of the health system must be functioning and integrated in order for health impacts to be maximized.