Modibo Dicko

Former Project Director, Senegal

Modibo Dicko began his professional career in the energy sector in Mali. Through his involvement with efforts to refrigerate vaccines, he became involved in logistics and supply chain management and systems. He worked for over 10 years with WHO/AFRO on vaccination efforts. When he moved to the World Health Organization headquarters in Geneva in 2008, he served as the WHO project coordinator for Project Optimize. 

After leaving the World Health Organization in 2013, Dicko worked as a consultant in the health and solar energy arenas in Geneva, Switzerland. He has worked on topics including: 

  • Scaling up sexual health services for adolescents in Niger
  • Scaling up leadership initiatives in the Sahel
  • Restarting vaccination efforts in Guinea following the Ebola crisis
  • Working with ExpandNet in several countries
  • Building the capacities of vaccination programs in several countries (e.g., developing e-modules, waste management plans, and conducting effective vaccine management training)

Dicko holds a PhD in thermodynamics and energetics with a major in solar energy from the University of Perpignan, France. He is Malian and fluent in French and English.


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