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Maurice Middleberg

Former Vice President for Global Policy, IntraHealth International

Maurice Middleberg served as Vice President for Global Policy at IntraHealth International.


Your Money Saved That Kid’s Life

Five thousand miles from Washington, DC, in the African country of Niger, something very good is happening.

Preventing Violence against Health: Data Collection Is Key

The horrific attack on Dr. Denis Mukwege in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is part of a much larger problem.

Getting Health Workers to the Women Who Need Them

Maureen Kanyiginya is a young midwife with a gentle, confident presence. Sitting on a bench in a grassy area outside the rural health center where she works, in western Uganda, she says she loves helping mothers and delivering their babies. "I make mothers comfortable," she states firmly. "I'm a health worker."

Letter to the Editor: Maurice Middleberg Defends Contraception as Preventive Medicine

Charles Krauthammer questioned the classification of contraception as preventive medicine, stating that “categorizing pregnancy as a disease equivalent is a value decision disguised as science.”

A "Best Buy" for Saving Lives

This blog entry was originally published at ONE Blog.

Berthé Aissata Touré is a health worker in Mali, where women have an average of six children. In this country’s vast rural areas,...

Managing a Health Workforce Crisis: Lessons from the Global Context

Are countries with a critical shortage of health workers all alike, in terms of their health outcomes?

Family Planning and Access to Health Workers

Amid the worldwide health worker shortage, some low-income countries are managing to show impressive levels of modern contraceptive use. How does access to skilled health workers affect family planning use, and what are some countries doing differently?

Global Health: A Historic and Momentous Movement

I just returned from listening to a speech by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Great strides are being made in bringing HIV/AIDS under control.

The Key to Progress: Health Workforce Lessons from the Family Planning Movement

One of the great privileges of my life has been to know bold leaders in family planning and reproductive health.

Thoughts on Motivating Health Workers

Health workers must be retained, productive, and caring if the huge deficits in access to health workers are to be addressed.

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