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Biraj Swain

Biraj Swain works on the intersection of poverty, public policy and citizens-state-engagement in South Asia, Horn East, Central Africa, and globally. She also teaches at the Pondicherry Central University, SLU-Uppsala, UNESCO-MISARC, UNU-Tokyo. 


mSakhi: Digitizing Health Care at the Grass Roots

This app is revolutionizing health care for moms and babies in Jhansi, India.

Technology to the Rescue: App Helps Health Workers in Uttarakhand Improve Efficiency

In India, one state government is vigorously testing mSakhi with frontline health workers providing maternal and child health services in its most challenging district.

Can Uttar Pradesh Improve Its Health Care Indicators with mSakhi?

In a state with one of the poorest health indicators, there’s an app that might help if the government invests more in it.