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More than 1.25 billion people live in India. Although India has one of the world’s fastest growing economies, its people have significant health needs that vary widely depending on where they live and their socio-economic characteristics. Maternal and child health is of particular concern, especially in rural villages and urban slums. 

The country has made notable progress yet more than 775,000 newborns still die in India each year, and an estimated 50,000 women die from pregnancy-related causes.

IntraHealth has worked in India for 20 years, partnering with national and state governments and other organizations to strengthen the health workforce in order to increase access to high-quality maternal, child, and reproductive health and nutrition services.

Selected Achievements

  • Trained 1,500 nurses and midwives in skilled birth attendance, expanding safe delivery care to 10 million people.
  • Improved the quality of care offered by more than 40,000 essential frontline health workers—including community health workers called ASHAs, and community-based auxiliary nurse midwives (ANMs).
  • Developed mSakhi, an award-winning mobile phone application and job aid that helps ASHAs and ANMs more effectively communicate with pregnant women and mothers, ensuring improved maternal, newborn, and child health services.
  • Set up an mHealth lab in Uttar Pradesh—the state with the highest number of maternal and newborn deaths in the country—to scale up mSakhi and other mHealth applications in the state and beyond.
  • Helped Karnataka Health Promotion Trust, an Indian NGO, to establish a nurse mentorship program in Karnataka State to build skills in safe delivery; manage maternal and newborn complications; and address gaps in supplies, equipment, infection prevention, and referral systems.  
  • Enhanced the capacity of state leaders in Bihar and Jharkhand to manage their health workforces through establishing human resources information systems (HRIS) based on IntraHealth’s iHRIS software. For instance, leaders in Jharkhand used HRIS data to address gaps in OB/GYN services, redeploying 112 medical officers to community health centers, and recruiting 450 new medical officers for high-vacancy districts. These changes are increasing access to maternal health services for 900,000 people in Jharkhand.
More information is available in the country brief. 

Current Projects (& Funders)

  • India Technical Support Agency Project (DFID)
  • mSakhi Scale-Up (Qualcomm Wireless Reach)
  • mSehat (National Health Mission and the State Innovations in Family Planning Service Project Agency)
  • Strengthening Human Resources for Health in Bihar (DFID)
  • Sukshema Project (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, supporting partner to University of Manitoba and the Karnataka Health Promotion Trust)

Past Projects (& Funders)

  • CapacityPlus (USAID)
  • Vistaar Project (USAID)
  • Manthan Project (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)
  • Enhancing the Capacity of the Urban Health Resource Center to Improve the Health of the Urban Poor (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)
  • Avahan Project (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, supporting partner to
    Population Services International)





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