Sukshema Project

Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Sukshema project supports the Government of Karnataka to develop and implement strategies to improve maternal, newborn, and child health in alignment with the Government of India National Rural Health Mission (NRHM).

The goal of Sukshema is to develop and adopt effective operational and health system approaches within the NRHM to support the state of Karnataka and India to improve maternal, newborn, and child health outcomes in rural populations. To achieve this goal, the project integrated and aligned key aspects of the foundation’s Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health strategy with the NRHM in eight districts in northern Karnataka, with the following four key objectives:

  1. Enable expanded availability and accessibility of critical MNCH interventions for rural populations.
  2. Enable improvement in the quality of MNCH services for rural populations.
  3. Enable expanded utilization and population coverage of critical MNCH services for rural populations.
  4. Facilitate identification and consistent adoption of best practices and innovations arising from the project at the state and national levels

The project is led by Karnataka Health Promotion Trust.