Vital for "SwitchPoint"

Driving the Development Conversation with JadedAid

How do we communicate the work we do in global development? Do we become the voice for a cause, or elevate local voices instead?

Clubfoot Can Be Solved on a Global Scale

SwitchPoint alum miraclefeet is partnering with Clarks Shoes, Stanford, and local health workers to treat a common but debilitating birth defect around the world.

Why We All Need to Ask: Who's Doing It Better?

Global development professionals can benefit from solutions journalism, which mobilizes audiences to act in support of what works.

Intentional Serendipity Took Center Stage at SwitchPoint 2016

Stories of luck and gratitude kicked off and infused IntraHealth’s annual event.

SwitchPoint 2016: Day 2

SwitchPoint has always protested the status quo. It's known for breaking apart the usual way of doing things in international development and entrepreneurship. This year, though, it protested more than that.

SwitchPoint 2016: Day 1

The first day of SwitchPoint 2016 was one of intentional serendipity for hundreds of experts, entrepreneurs, and do-gooders from around the world.

A Filmmaker and a Physician Walk into a Vasectomy

But the global advocacy movement they created was no joke.

SwitchPoint: Is it a Festival or a Conference?

This year’s SwitchPoint speakers are coming from the UN Foundation, the World Bank, USAID, major corporations, and from tiny startups in far-off places.

10 Women Who Are Disrupting Global Health and Tech

We're geeking out over 10 of the inspiring, disruptive women headed to SwitchPoint next month.

Necessity Breeds Lifesaving Invention—and a Hub to Launch More Innovation

It seemed like a normal workday, but an unexpected crisis gave Dr. Dayo Olakulehin an idea that could save lives around the world.