USAID HIV Care and Treatment Project

IntraHealth International is expanding its HIV prevention, care, and treatment efforts in Central America through the USAID HIV Care and Treatment Project in El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, and Guatemala.

While the overall HIV prevalence is low in these countries, the epidemic is concentrated among key groups, including men who have sex with men, transgender women, and female sex workers. Despite these realities, health policy and practice have continued to prioritize testing and treatment for the general population and pregnant women over these groups.

IntraHealth and our partners are focused on reaching these clients with high-quality, stigma-free services and work together to enroll and retain as many people living with HIV as possible on treatment. The project also prioritizes identifying and treating common HIV comorbidities, including tuberculosis. IntraHealth is collaborating with the ministries of health, social security institutes, and National AIDS Programs in each country to address HIV-related policies, set priorities, and provide services.

This work extends and builds on the successes of IntraHealth’s USAID Central America Capacity Plus (CAMPLUS) Project.