Report on the Society for Family Health Gender Assessment

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The Society for Family Health conducted an exercise to assess gender mainstreaming in their internal organizational processes and programming so that its programming responds to President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief requirements for gender integration and to further its commitment to gender equity and equality. The internal assessment explored organizational culture, accountability processes, and biases that may affect service delivery, based on the supposition that health managers’ and providers’ biases reflect the values and beliefs of both the larger culture and of the organizations through which they deliver reproductive health/male circumcision/family planning services. In order to be truly responsive to the needs of women, men, adolescents and children, health service delivery organizations need to identify the internal gender biases, unequal power relations, and discriminatory practices and policies that may constrain managers and providers from implementing gender equitable policies and laws that govern the workforce and service delivery programs. This work was conducted under the Private Sector Social Marketing (PRISM) Program.


Publisher IntraHealth International
Countries Zambia