Generating Evidence to Meet the Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs of Students at Kenyatta University (KU) and Beyond

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This research brief describes two evidence-generation efforts undertaken by the Evidence to Action Project (E2A), of which IntraHealth is a partner, and Kenyatta University, along with support from Pathfinder International, Kenya, from 2015-2016: the first involved an assessment of select KU service delivery statistics, and the second was a qualitative research study on the sexual and reproductive health (SRH) needs, attitudes, preferences, and behaviors of KU students. The emerging results have provided a deeper understanding of the overall context for SRH-related activity and service utilization at KU, including insights on student ‘demand’, university-based ‘supply’, and the broader campus environment. This research brief summarizes the main findings from the quantitative assessment and qualitative research.




Publisher Evidence to Action Project
Countries Kenya