Executive Summary of the Report on the Ministry of Health Sexual Harassment Formative Assessment in Uganda’s Public Health Sector

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This brief summarizes key findings and recommendations of a formative assessment of sexual harassment in Ugandan government health facilities conducted on behalf of the Uganda Ministry of Health (MOH) between August-November 2016 with assistance from the USAID-funded Strengthening Human Resources for Health (SHRH) project led by IntraHealth International. The objectives of the assessment were to:
  • Describe forms of, reactions to, and consequences of sexual harassment in government health workplaces
  • Describe patterns of interaction between men and women around the issue of sexual harassment
  • Assess the adequacy of existing policy and law related to sexual harassment Identify current implementation status and feasibility of legal/policy guidelines relevant to sexual harassment at national, regional, district, and facility levels
  • Identify implementation challenges and opportunities relative to sexual harassment law and policy
  • Recommend elements of an effective sexual harassment prevention and response system
  • Document the baseline for key measures related to a sexual harassment prevention and response system that are already being implemented at in government health facilities.