Strengthening Human Resources for Health Activity

Through this $23 million USAID-funded project, IntraHealth worked with the government to help central ministries, local governments, health professional councils, private nonprofits, and health training institutions plan and manage the health workforce, especially in HIV high-volume facilities. Highlights of results included:

  • Helped the government to strengthen staffing structures and add more than 43,000 health workers to improve access to services in 128 districts
  • Provided technical support and tools in 112 districts to track, analyze, and report on health worker attendance, reducing absenteeism from 50% in 2015 to 8% in 2019.
  • Improved workplace environments by addressing occupational safety and gender discrimination; 76% of districts implemented gender-mainstreaming interventions such as ensuring promotional mechanisms were the same for men and women.
  • Transferred ownership of IntraHealth's iHRIS health workforce management software to local leaders in 112 districts and 33 central organizations to determine staffing needs and develop long-term health worker recruitment plans.
  • Partnered with health training institutions to increase enrollment by 3,285 and improve the quality of training through curriculum review, installing eLibraries in 62 institutions, and offering over 750 bonded scholarships to keep students in school.
  • Developed a community health worker strategy with the Ministry of Health, created a web-based registry for community health workers, and developed a financing framework for community health workers.