Strengthening Human Resources for Health Activity

Uganda has only one doctor, nurse, or midwife for every 714 people—a critical health workforce shortage. Only 60% of public-sector positions are currently filled, and most are concentrated in the cities. Performance problems, low retention, lack of skills, poor motivation, and absenteeism abound within the health workforce.

Through this $23 million project, IntraHealth and Uganda's Ministry of Health are working together to bring the health sector's staffing levels up from 69% to 75% nationwide.

Project Initiatives

  • Increase staffing and improve health care in 112 districts in Uganda, focusing specifically on the 26 districts where less than 60% of health worker positions are filled.
  • Design appropriate solutions for each district’s unique HRH challenges.
  • Provide districts with comprehensive packages of interventions, including human resource information systems, training, supervision support, and gender and management guidelines that make workplaces fairer and safer.
  • Strengthen preservice and in-service training of health workers, focusing on the cadres in scarce supply.
  • With funding from Johnson & Johnson, establish a new e-recruitment system to enhance efficiency and transparency in hiring health workers.

Selected Achievements

With funding from Johnson & Johnson and in partnership with the Health Service Commission, established a new e-recruitment system to enhance efficiency and transparency in hiring health workers in Uganda.
Helped Uganda add over 7,200 new health workers to its health system by helping the health sector use powerful health workforce data to advocate for greater funding from the Uganda Parliament.
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