Scale-Up and Capacity Building in Behavioral Science to Improve the Uptake of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Services (SupCap)

A collaboration between ideas42 and IntraHealth International, the SupCap mechanism works with the USAID-funded Regional Health Integration to Enhance Services in Eastern Uganda (RHITES-E) project to address challenges in family planning among postpartum women by using behavioral science, an academic discipline that incorporates psychology and other social sciences to understand human behavior.

To address challenges in family planning uptake, SupCap follows a 4-stage methodology:

  • Define a specific problem
  • Diagnose the problem by conducting interviews with health workers, postpartum women, and their partners
  • Design solutions based on diagnosis and behavioral science knowledge
  • Scale, test, and evaluate new designs

The project co-designs solutions with community members for a collaborative process that encourages uptake of amily planning among postpartum women.