Key Populations - Strengthening Technical Assistance and Response for Sustainable HIV Prevention and Treatment (KP-STAR)

While Namibia has made tremendous progress in its HIV response, notable imbalances remain in coverage and outcomes for key populations—particularly sex workers, men who have sex with men, and transgender women. For Namibia to reach epidemic control, there is urgency to address the unique challenges faced by key populations in accessing the HIV prevention, care and treatment continuum and to build the capacity of key population communities and key population-led civil society organizations to advocate for their own access to services and fundamental human rights.

The KP-STAR team—IntraHealth Namibia, IntraHealth International, Walvis Bay Corridor Group, and key population-led civil society organizations Rights not Rescue Trust, Rights for All Movements , and Wings to Transcend Namibia Trust—brings together local and international nongovernmental organizations, key population-led civil society organizations, and the private sector and offers decades of collective experience supporting the scale-up of clinical and community-based services for key and vulnerable populations in Namibia.

KP-STAR will support Namibia to rapidly accelerate the coverage of systematic, data-driven, key population-competent interventions to achieve results under the three activity components:

  • Increase demand for and access to comprehensive HIV prevention and treatment services and interventions for key populations;
  • Strengthen the capacity and sustainability of civil society and other key stakeholders to advocate for and implement HIV activities for and by key populations; and
  • Strengthen data management and processes for planning, monitoring, and quality assurance of key population programs.