Human Resources for Health (HRH) Kenya Program

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This five-year project is strengthening health professional training programs and health workforce management systems throughout Kenya to help the country improve the health of its citizens.

One of the greatest challenges Kenya’s health sector faces is ensuring that all its citizens, including the most vulnerable, have access to well-trained, professional health workers. The project focuses on building the health workforce Kenya needs in 27 counties with high HIV disease burdens, in accordance with the country’s Health Sector Human Resources Strategy 2014-2018 and national HIV plans.

IntraHealth is working with our local partners to increase the number of students graduating from Kenya’s health training institutions and improve the quality and applicability of their training to the country’s disease burden. The project is also working with national and county-level leaders to improve health workforce management and leadership and to strengthen the ability of health sector leaders to access and use health workforce and epidemiological data to make informed and effective decisions.

IntraHealth has partnered with the government of Kenya for over 30 years to strengthen its health sector. The HRH Kenya program builds on the successes of our HRH Capacity Bridge project and our ongoing FUNZOKenya project.