Judith Winkler

Former senior advisor for strategy and planning, IntraHealth International

Judith Winkler was a senior advisor for strategy and planning at IntraHealth International. 


This Labor Day, Let’s Hear It for Health Workers

Today is Labor Day for many countries around the world. And plenty of frontline health workers are at work despite the national holidays, laboring for our global health and well-being.

Women on the Front Lines of Care: Seven Ways to Show We Care

How much do we really value women in the health workforce? And how can we make it a better place for them to work? Judith Winkler has some ideas.

A Commitment Is a Promise, a Promise Is a Debt

Almost 90 countries and organizations promised last week to bolster the global health workforce. That's a big debt to take on, but it's worth it.

World of Commitment

This week in Recife, we’re telling the world: Let’s find a way to make sure that all people have access to health workers.


Guidelines for Integration of Fertility Awareness Methods into Educational Programs for Health Professionals

This document presents guidelines to assist in integration of Fertility Awareness Methods (FAM) into established educational programs for health professionals.

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