Heather LaGarde

SwitchPoint producer and senior advisor for strategic partnerships, IntraHealth International

SwitchPoint producer & senior advisor for strategic partnerships, IntraHealth International


Guts, Collaboration, and Diversity Generate a Powerful Creative Force at SwitchPoint 2017

April 27 and 28 is the sixth annual SwitchPoint conference, a global gathering of humanitarians. Here's what to expect.

SwitchPoint: Is it a Festival or a Conference?

This year’s SwitchPoint speakers are coming from the UN Foundation, the World Bank, USAID, major corporations, and from tiny startups in far-off places.

SwitchPoint: Global Good Ideas

In this era of the meme and the like and the retweet, I never tire of stories about people who have built something incredible out of nothing, especially when they have built it to help someone else.

SwitchPoint: Great Ideas with Real Impact

Switchpoint brings together thought leaders from all over the world and asks them to apply their best thinking to the challenge of global health.

Two Heads Are Better Than One

In honor of Open Access Week, I wanted to write a quick blog to support the growing global movement promoting the free and immediate sharing of learning, data, and scholarly research.
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