Gopi Gopalakrishnan

Founder and president, World Health Partners

Gopi Gopalakrishnan is founder and president of World Health Partners (WHP). He has over 20 years of experience in implementing large-scale service-delivery programs in low-resource settings. Before WHP, Gopi founded Janani, a nonprofit organization that accounts for more than 20% of family planning in the state of Bihar. It has won national and international acclaim for its innovative and creative management, which enables the program to serve some of the poorest communities in the world on a sustainable basis.Specializing in public–private partnerships, Gopi is an expert in leveraging private-sector resources to complement public-sector service provision. He has been a member of India’s Population Commission and has advised the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and numerous national and international organizations on large-scale cost-effective service delivery. Currently, he is on the global technical advisory board of the International Finance Corporation and on the Advisory Group on Community Action of India’s National Rural Health Mission. Gopi was the director of international programs at DKT International and received a prestigious civilian honor from the government of Vietnam for his work as the country director at DKT International in Hanoi. In 2013, Gopi received two prestigious awards for social entrepreneurship from the Skoll Foundation and Schwab Foundation.


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