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Our Commitment

May 17, 2012

IntraHealth is a global champion for health workers. We have pledged to double our impact between 2011 and 2015 to ensure that more health workers are present, ready, connected, and safe.


The world needs more health workers—4 million more. To ensure that enough health workers are present, and to meet future needs, IntraHealth helps countries develop and implement health workforce strategic plans... » Read more 



Health workers are counted on to offer lifesaving services and must have skills and support to succeed. IntraHealth works with partners to ensure that health systems provide the supervision, equipment, and supplies...» Read more 


Health workers need to fully benefit from technologies that can accelerate learning and foster deeper and wider connections to resources, colleagues, and the communities health workers serve. IntraHealth develops... » Read more 



Health workers are entitled to safe workplaces where they are treated with dignity. Tragically, the basic human rights of health workers are often not respected. IntraHealth strives to defend the rights of health workers...» Read more 

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