Maqsoda Maqsodi Appointed Permanent President & CEO of IntraHealth

Maqsoda Maqsodi, president and CEO of IntraHealth International, and Philippe Guinot, chief technical and operating officer of IntraHealth.

Chapel Hill, NC

IntraHealth International’s board of directors has voted unanimously to appoint Maqsoda Maqsodi as president and CEO of IntraHealth, effective immediately. Maqsodi has served as interim president and CEO since February 2023, and has led the organization on a transformation agenda that has strengthened our program delivery and localization efforts around the world. 

“Maqsoda is hands-down the right person to lead IntraHealth into this exciting new era,” says Mary Karen Wills, chair of IntraHealth’s board of directors. “From day one of her interim role, she began developing and leading an agenda that will grow IntraHealth’s presence in key regions around the world and work toward more sustainable, region-based leadership of its global health programs.”

Maqsodi joined IntraHealth in 2021 as chief program officer, serving in that role and as chief of growth and operations before she was appointed interim president and CEO this year. She has 20 years of experience in the private and nonprofit sectors, including leading and implementing large, complex, donor-funded projects globally.

“I am so humbled and grateful for this opportunity to continue leading IntraHealth,” Maqsodi says. “I would like to thank the incredible IntraHealth staff for their support and belief in me and the board for their collaboration and mentorship. I am so excited to lead the organization on this new journey and contribute to a future of inclusive, locally led development, which is an urgent challenge and priority for our field.”

Prior to joining IntraHealth, Maqsodi served as senior director for the Middle East and North Africa Business Unit at Chemonics and as acting senior vice president, project director, and operations director in the Global Health Division at Chemonics. She also served as the interim chief of party and project director on the $64 million USAID-funded SIKA-West project, which was designed to increase citizen confidence and promote stability in key areas of western Afghanistan.

”We could not ask for a more dynamic, groundbreaking candidate to steer IntraHealth into the future of global health,” says Pape Gaye, founder and president of the Baobab Institute. (Gaye served as president and CEO of IntraHealth during 2004–2020 and now serves on IntraHealth’s board of directors.) “I am thrilled to continue working with Maqsoda as IntraHealth evolves and leads the way toward a future of more effective, more equitable development.” 

The board has also voted to appoint Philippe Guinot as permanent chief technical and operating officer. Guinot has served as the chief technical officer and as interim chief operating officer since February. He brings 30 years of experience from the nonprofit and private sectors and has extensive expertise in strategy, partnership development, country programming, portfolio management, finance and operations, and business planning. Since joining IntraHealth this year, Guinot has helped develop and operationalize a new strategic direction for the organization, expanded IntraHealth’s impact on noncommunicable diseases through the Novartis Foundation-funded CARDIO4Cities Accelerator, and integrated IntraHealth's technical expertise into its new business efforts.

For press inquiries, please contact David Nelson, director of communications at IntraHealth.

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