Mary Karen Wills

Mary Karen Wills

Chair, IntraHealth International Board of Directors, and Director, BRG

Mary Karen Wills is an expert in the field of government contract accounting, administration, and compliance. She has over 30 years of experience providing consulting and financial advisory services to companies and organizations that range from middle-market to the Fortune 100 to international NGOs. Wills has in-depth experience with the Federal Acquisition Regulation, Cost Accounting Standards, 2 CFR 200, and other federal government procurement regulations.

Wills leads the government contracting practice area for BRG and is responsible for overseeing the government contracting practice area’s business development activities, maintaining client relationships, serving as an expert on client matters, executing projects successfully, attracting and retaining employees, and achieving targeted goals.

Wills has extensive experience working with companies that have been suspended or debarred from federal government contracting activities. Her work entails advising companies in designing compliance programs and corporate integrity agreements to mitigate identified government contracting issues.

Wills has worked with companies on due diligence assignments, complex transaction structuring, and post-acquisition integration. She is an expert at advising organizations as they restructure for competitive purposes, including the strategic, organizational, cost accounting, and other regulatory impacts associated with mergers and acquisitions.

Wills has directed special investigations, fraud investigations, qui tam/whistleblower allegation investigations, and other litigation consulting assignments. She has assisted companies as they prepare and present voluntary disclosures, whereby results and findings were presented in connection with settlement negotiations. She has testified as an expert witness on varied matters. Wills has been admitted under protective orders before the Government Accountability Office and the Court of Federal Claims for bid protest matters.