IntraHealth Mourns the Loss of Mavjuda Karimova, Beloved Colleague in Tajikistan

Mavjuda Karimova

Mavjuda Karimova, district coordinator for the US Agency for International Development-funded Tajikistan Health and Nutrition Activity.

We at IntraHealth International are mourning the loss of our colleague Mavjuda Karimova, who died on Saturday, May 16. Mavjuda, a district coordinator for IntraHealth in Tajikistan, is survived by her son Siyovush, 23, and daughter Noila, 10.

“We are heartbroken by this terrible loss,” says IntraHealth president and CEO Polly Dunford. “Mavjuda’s family is in our thoughts this week as we mourn with our Tajikistan team and honor Mavjuda’s memory around the world.”

Mavjuda was dedicated, kind, and compassionate. She was a highly respected leader whose humility and devotion to justice and helping those in need were constant.

“Mavjuda was a warm ray of light.”

In honor of Mavjuda, we offer these remembrances from her teammates:

“Mavjuda was a warm ray of light! She was loved, respected, and valued. She was a caring mother of two children, she loved being outdoors, and loved flowers. I can’t forget her bright, radiating smile, which never left her in any situation.” —Havasmoh Rahmatulloeva, district coordinator, Tajikistan

“Mavjuda had a great heart, and she demonstrated it many times! Once, she heard about people trying to take away the house of an adolescent boy, an orphan, whom she did not even know. She started going to different authorities, called on her friends and colleagues to get help. In the end, the boy kept his house.” —Ranogul Khusanova, nutrition officer, Tajikistan

“Mavjuda gave herself to work without sparing herself, with devotion, persistence, honesty, and great responsibility. She worked to finish everything on time and at the same time help others, while never saying no to anyone.” —Khairinisso Akhmedova, behavior change coordinator, Tajikistan

“For Mavjuda, every person was an individual. For her, no one was rich or poor, good or bad—she could relate to anyone. She was a leader, and she used to be an elected deputy in the town of Yovon, where she lived. She was on time always, and everywhere she was listening to and hearing people.” —Mavjuda Maksudkhojaeva, technical manager, Tajikistan

“Mavjuda did not have prejudice against anyone. She was able to see good in all people. She cared more about others than about herself.” —Zamira Jaborova, district coordinator, Tajikistan

“Mavjuda had a great personality and a smile that everyone remembers. She was quiet, but when she let her thoughts out, she always contributed greatly to whatever discussion we were having. And she was among the most respected and loved members of our team.” —Roman Yorick, chief of party, Tajikistan

Thank you, Mavjuda. You made us a better IntraHealth.