IntraHealth Awarded $123 Million to Improve Health Care and Fight Disease around the World

Major new awards from the US government, foundations and the private sector are expanding IntraHealth International's impact globally as it strengthens health systems, addresses the health worker shortage, and fights disease around the world.

IntraHealth partners with countries and organizations to build health systems that are resilient and ready to provide the care their populations need. These new awards, which exceed $123 million, will expand its work in integrated primary health care, health workforce support, HIV, advocacy, and more. New initiatives funded since July 1, 2016, include:

  • Integrated Service Delivery and Healthy Behaviors, a new five-year, $69 million award from the US Agency for International Development, focuses on integrating health services and improving health care in Senegal.
  • The Human Resources for Health (HRH) Kenya Program, a new five-year, $37.8 million award from the US Agency for International Development, will help the country strengthen and expand its health workforce to achieve universal health coverage.
  • Tohara Plus, a new five-year HIV prevention project from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with a $7 million budget for the first year, will expand existing services to reach an additional 412,000 Tanzanians.
  • Continued funding from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will support the coordination unit of the Ouagadougou Partnership—a coalition of nine West African governments, donors, and technical partners—which aligns strategies and resources to accelerate access to and use of family planning in the region.

"I'm thrilled to announce these newest additions to IntraHealth's portfolio," says Pape Gaye, IntraHealth's president and CEO. "We are privileged to have the opportunity to work alongside our local partners to build strong health systems with fit-for-purpose health workforces ready to meet our evolving health care needs. Our teams around the world are partnering with countries to help them best address the unique needs of their populations—from providing routine care to preventing dangerous disease outbreaks to working toward an AIDS-free generation."

IntraHealth believes everyone everywhere should have the health care they need to thrive. Its mission is to improve the performance of health workers around the world and strengthen the systems in which they work.

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