CapacityPlus Joins the Positive Practice Environments Campaign

In April 2010, CapacityPlus joined the International Council of Nurses, International Pharmaceutical Federation, World Confederation for Physical Therapy, World Dental Federation, World Medical Association, and the International Hospital Federation as part of the Positive Practice Environments Campaign as an international collaborating organization.

Positive Practice Environments are settings that ensure the health, safety, and personal well-being of staff; improve the motivation, productivity, and performance of individuals and organizations; and thus support the provision of quality patient care. The Positive Practice Environments Campaign aims to improve the quality of health services by raising awareness, identifying good practices, and developing tools for managers and health professionals in the field, as well as carrying out concrete national and local demonstration projects to improve practice environments.

Considering the commonalities between the tenets of the Positive Practice Environments Campaign and the CapacityPlus mandate, staff are eager to partner on upcoming projects such as: workplace climate, productivity, and performance interventions; establishing continuing professional development programs; revising, developing, or supporting the implementation of policies in support of the health worker, and strengthening human resources management systems.