Africa Health Business Symposium

November 06, 2017 to November 07, 2017
King Fahd Palace Hotel
Transforming PPPs (Public-Private Partnerships) for Health in Africa
Africa Health Business, Ltd.

IntraHealth is heading to Dakar for the 2017 Africa Health Business Symposium, which focuses on the achievements and potential of public-private partnerships for improving health in Africa. Bringing together representatives from government ministries, corporations, media, and nongovernmental organizations, the symposium focuses on five key “game changers” that impact the health care industry across the continent: health care financing, human resources for health, fostering investments, supply chain management, and digital technologies.

Visit IntraHealth at booth 31 in the exhibition area.

Our Participation

Session 5: Human Resources for Health
Date(s): Monday, November 06, 4:30pm GMT
Presenter(s): Laura Hoemeke (moderating and presenting “Investing in the Global Health Workforce”)
We’re Good Together: Smart Partnerships Lead to Big Health Wins
Date(s): Tuesday, November 07, 4:30pm GMT
Presenter(s): Pape Gaye (speaking during the Closing Ceremony)