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Subaward Management Training Manual

The purpose of this manual is to provide prime partners with the basic resources and knowledge to support and capacitate subawards in applying for and managing grants as a prime. This manual is intended to respond to this PEPFAR announcement by providing guidelines on how primes can build capacity at LPs; and is guided by US Government (USG) rules, regulations, and requirements (e.g., ADS 302, 303, 312, 2CFR 200).

Subawards are an integral part of implementing and managing USG-funded projects. Over time, however, it has become apparent that a significant number of LPs lack the capacity to effectively and efficiently manage donor funds entrusted to them. Of great concern is that most prime partners do not know how to strengthen or build the capacity of subawards; they have not had the experience of developing a Subaward Program in full compliance with USAID’s Rules and Regulations. To bridge this gap and build the capacity of both primes and subrecipients, this manual provides guidelines for primes to monitor, oversee, and strengthen subawards.

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