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There are always things you need to buy from merchants such as Amazon, Home Depot, Macy’s, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble and so many more. Why not give back to people a world away while you purchase the things you need?

These days, nothing could be simpler. You can designate IntraHealth International to receive a portion of the cost of your purchases when you do your shopping through:

In each case, simply register on the site, list IntraHealth as your designated charity and then fill up your cart. Some sites donate up to 37 percent of your purchases to charity.

When you start your shopping at these sites, you help IntraHealth work with health workers around the world to deliver high-quality health care. And, better health care means healthier children and mothers, healthier communities and more productive lives around the world. What could be a better sale?


There’s a robust search engine that helps you give even while you work or play on the Internet. Goodsearch, powered by Yahoo!, is a search engine that works like any other except that half its advertising revenue—about a penny per search—is donated to the charity of your choice.

Use it like any search engine, get quality results, and designate IntraHealth as your charity of choice. Every time you use GoodSearch, money will be donated to IntraHealth and put to work around the world to train health workers to save lives. Your donation will help mothers receive better prenatal care, help children get off to a healthy start in life, and provide needed training and support for health workers who work in some of the most difficult and remote areas of the world.

It’s easy. Just go to and enter IntraHealth as your charity of choice.

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