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Collaborative Quality Improvement of Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health Services in Tajikistan

This technical brief covers clinical quality improvement interventions in hospitals and primary health centers while a second technical brief documents community-based approaches.

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Community-based Approaches to Improve Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition in Tajikistan

This technical brief covers community-level activities to improve maternal and child health while a second technical brief covers clinical quality improvement interventions in hospitals and...

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10 Years of Obstetric Fistula Care in Mali: A Case Study of Multisectoral, Holistic Treatment for Women and Girls

This report explores Mali as a case study for fistula care in the region and globally, and outlines five key interventions that have led to Mali’s great progress in fistula care.

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Ethiopia Country Brief

IntraHealth has worked in Ethiopia since 2003 to improve HIV/AIDS services; maternal, newborn, and child health services; and digital health systems.

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Family Planning Overview

IntraHealth International is committed to assisting country-led efforts to better manage, support, empower, and expand the health workforce to provide family planning and reproductive health...

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Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health Overview

This document offers an overview of IntraHealth's maternal, neonatal, and child health initiatives.

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mSakhi Brochure: A User-Friendly Mobile Application for Frontline Health Workers

A brochure describing the features of mSakhi, an open source Android mobile application that empowers frontline health workers with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively deliver health...

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A Mobile Health Revolution in Jhansi

This booklet introduces readers to some of the frontline health workers who are using mSakhi—an open source mobile application designed to help frontline health workers deliver high-quality...

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Determinants of Women’s Satisfaction During Their Delivery in the Health Structures of Pikine in Dakar: a Transversal Study

This article presents the results of a study aimed at assessing the satisfaction of women during childbirth in the health structures of the department of Pikine in the region of Dakar, Senegal and...

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