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Use of an Interactive Voice Response System to Deliver Refresher Training in Senegal

Capacity Plus developed, deployed, and assessed an innovative mLearning system that used a combination of interactive voice response and SMS text messaging for family planning providers...

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Using Health Workforce Data to Improve Access to Services

Capacity Plus expanded use of the open source human resources information systems platform to enable countries to use data to make decisions.

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Beyond Boundaries: IntraHealth's Strategy to Align with the SDG Era 2015-2018

IntraHealth’s organizational strategy maximizes the impact and value of our work to reduce mortality and morbidity in the individuals, families, and communities in greatest need around the world...

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Spotlight: mHero Connects Frontline Health Workers with Mental Health Services in Liberia

This brief provides an overview of how an innovative, two-way communication platform called mHero was used in Liberia to collect information from health workers on mental health services and needs...

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Ebola SMS Course for Health Workers

This Ebola SMS course is designed to help get information quickly to health workers in Ebola-affected and at-risk countries.

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mSakhi: An Interactive Mobile Phone-Based Job Aid for Accredited Social Health Activists

Two studies demonstrate that, compared with existing paper-based job aids, mobile phone-based mSakhi is a more user-friendly and effective accredited social health activist (ASHA) job aid for a...

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