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Transforming the Health Worker Pipeline: Interventions to Eliminate Gender Discrimination in Preservice Education

Authors: Ng C, Newman C, Pacqué-Margolis S with contributing authors Belatchew M, Frymus D, and George A

Description: This report describes the results...

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Uganda Ministry of Health Gender Discrimination and Inequality Analysis Report

The purpose of this analysis was to assess the status of gender equality and equal opportunity for women and men within Uganda's public health sector to promote gender equality in the human...

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Ethiopia Gender Assessment

The objective of this gender analysis was to identify gender barriers to the uptake of two critical prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) services—male partner testing and facility-...

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Workplace Violence and Gender Discrimination in Rwanda’s Health Workforce: Increasing Safety and Gender Equality

This Human Resources for Health article reexamines a set of study findings that directly relate to the influence of gender on workplace violence, synthesizes these findings with other...

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Occupational Segregation, Gender Essentialism and Male Primacy as Major Barriers to Equity in HIV/AIDS Caregiving: Findings from Lesotho

Author: Newman C,, Fogarty L, Makoae LN, and Reavely E

Publisher: International Journal for Equity in Health


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Healthy Images of Manhood: A Male Engagement Approach for Workplaces and Community Programs Integrating Gender, Family Planning and HIV/AIDS

Project: Extending Service Delivery Project

Description: Healthy Images of Manhood (HIM) was launched in January 2008 in partnership with Unilever Tea...

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Gender Equality in Human Resources for Health

This paper discusses the meaning of gender equality in the context of human resources for health, and offers practical ways to address it.

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Workplace Violence and Gender Discrimination in the Health Sector in Rwanda

Presents the research, summarizes results and lessons learned, and describes how research was used to promote policy change and program response to workplace violence and discrimination....

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Conceptual and Practical Foundations of Gender and Human Resources for Health

Presents what the Capacity Project learned about various forms of gender discrimination and how they serve as barriers to health workforce participation, and offers global recommendations for...

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Addressing Gender Inequality in Human Resources for Health

Reviews how the Project addressed gender discrimination and inequality in HRH through its institutional mechanisms, approaches and tools as well as in country-level implementation.

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