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Promoting Gender Equality in the Health Workforce: An Advocacy Tool

Health workforce leaders may not be aware of the ways in which gender discrimination impedes efforts to develop, efficiently deploy, and fairly compensate their workforce. This can result in...

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Time to Address Gender Discrimination and Inequality in the Health Workforce

Essential reading for anyone interested in the post-2015 HRH agenda, this commentary synthesizes current opinion and state-of-the-art evidence pertaining to gender and HRH. Global HRH discussion and...
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Gender and Health Systems Strengthening: eLearning Course

The course will assist USAID field-based health officers, foreign service nationals, and U.S. government partners to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in health systems strengthening...

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Report on the Society for Family Health Gender Assessment

The Society for Family Health conducted an exercise to assess gender mainstreaming in their internal organizational processes and programming so that its programming responds to President’s...

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Strengthening the Health Worker Pipeline through Gender-Transformative Strategies

This technical brief provides an overview of how gender discrimination affects health professional students and faculty as well as intervention options that the expert panel identified as having...

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Transforming the Health Worker Pipeline: Interventions to Eliminate Gender Discrimination in Preservice Education

Authors: Ng C, Newman C, Pacqué-Margolis S with contributing authors Belatchew M, Frymus D, and George A

Description: This report describes the results...

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Uganda Ministry of Health Gender Discrimination and Inequality Analysis Report

The purpose of this analysis was to assess the status of gender equality and equal opportunity for women and men within Uganda's public health sector to promote gender equality in the human...

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Ethiopia Gender Assessment

The objective of this gender analysis was to identify gender barriers to the uptake of two critical prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) services—male partner testing and facility-...

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Foundations of Gender Equality in the Health Workforce

This course is intended to expose the participant to basic concepts, issues, and standards related to gender equality in the health workforce.

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Workplace Violence and Gender Discrimination in Rwanda’s Health Workforce: Increasing Safety and Gender Equality

This Human Resources for Health article reexamines a set of study findings that directly relate to the influence of gender on workplace violence, synthesizes these findings with other...

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