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Integration of Gender-Transformative Interventions into Health Professional Education Reform for the 21st Century: Implications of an Expert Review

Encouraging health professionals to make gender-transformative reforms and commit to promoting gender equality.

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Transforming Health Professional Preservice Education to Meet National Needs

Capacity Plus supported more than 50 health professional schools in 12 African countries to strengthen health workforce education and school management.

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Compendium of Approaches and Tools for Expanding High-Quality Health Workforce Education and Training

This compendium categorizes and describes approaches and tools that national stakeholders can use to address common challenges in expanding high-quality education and training.

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FUNZOKenya Quarterly Bulletins

The following quarterly newsletters were produced by the FUNZOKenya project.

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Global Health Workforce Champions: A Foundations Course

Global Health Workforce Champions (GHWC) is a modular distance learning course designed to help participants become human resources for health (HRH) champions.

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Gender and Health Systems Strengthening: eLearning Course

The course will assist USAID field-based health officers, foreign service nationals, and U.S. government partners to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in health systems strengthening...

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Optimizing Performance and Quality

Optimizing Performance and Quality (OPQ) is a stakeholder-driven, cyclical process for analyzing human and organizational performance and setting up interventions to improve performance and...

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Transforming the Health Worker Pipeline: Interventions to Eliminate Gender Discrimination in Preservice Education

Authors: Ng C, Newman C, Pacqué-Margolis S with contributing authors Belatchew M, Frymus D, and George A

Description: This report describes the results...

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How to Educate Clients about the Benefits of Healthy Timing and Spacing of Pregnancy

This DVD is intended for training primary level providers and community health workers to identify opportunities to counsel clients on healthy timing and spacing of pregnancy and the benefits of...

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Job Aid for NET-EN Reinjection (for Community Health Workers)

This job aid is a guide for clinicians providing subsequent injections of depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA).

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